Casino Games with Two or More Variant

You will find that a lot of online casino card and table games will be designed around one particular game, these types of casino games are known as casino game variants, and whilst the base game of them may be identical to the original game there are often added bonus bets or bonus payouts which can be placed and won when playing them.

You will also come across many slot games online that will be part of a series of games, and these may all share a similar set of bonus game features or bonus rounds but each variant will come with their own unique themes to make them appeal to a certain type of player.

Below we have highlighted several of the most popular casino game variants that you will find available at online casino sites which utilize Microgaming’s software platform and suite of casino games, do have a good look through this listing and by following the respective links we will highlight each of the game variants on offer in much more detail.

European Blackjack Game Variants

You could spend many hours playing the many different types of Blackjack games offered at a Microgaming powered site, they offer a large and growing number of these types of card games which come with different playing rules, various payouts and many different playing structures.

However, in regards to the Blackjack game variants which are available many of them are based around the popular game of European Blackjack, and with a range of special side bets which can be placed on these games, should you be looking for a Blackjack game offering lots of additional winning chances they may be worth taking a closer look at to allow you to get an idea of how they play and pay.

With this in mind we invite you to checkout our European Blackjack Game Variants guide which will showcase and introduce you to the various different Blackjack games based on that one base game on which many different types of bonus bets can be placed each of which offer their own unique set of bonus payouts.

Most Popular Slot Game Variants

There are plenty of slot games available to play online, however in the last few years online casino game designers such as Microgaming have brought out many different slots which whilst boasting their own unique themes are all part of a series of slots.

Our guide to the Most Popular Slot Game Variants will introduce you to some of these slots which all offer something quite unique by way of base or bonus games and we have dedicated a section of our website to showcasing and introducing you to Microgaming’s range of slot game variants such as their Untamed and Mega Moolah series of slots.

If you do find yourself attracted to playing one type of slot game then do read through that guide on the most popular slot game variants, for you are going to find plenty of slot games to choose from and one thing that every single Microgaming designed slot has in common is a higher than average payout percentage!

Single Zero Roulette Game Variants

The aim of any Roulette game is of course for a player to simply bet on any of the available betting locations on the betting layout, and then hope that one of the numbers or number groupings they have opted to wager on spins in.

However there have been many different Single Zero Roulette Game Variants designed and launched over the years, and whilst some of these games offer players attractive house edges which are low in value and manageable, there are some Roulette games which offer very poor value to players.

If you do enjoy playing Roulette online then it will pay dividends for you to check through our listing of the many different Roulette game variants offered at Microgaming powered sites for once you understand what each game offers and whether it is a good value game or not then choosing which one to settle down and play is easy!

Different Video Poker Variants

There is quite a large selection of Video poker games readily on offer to players when they are logged into any Microgaming software powered casino site. However, the most popular variant is in fact one of the oldest games in existence and this is the Jacks or Better game.

Over the year Microgaming have designed and launched many different Jacks or Better Video Poker Variants, all of which have a different playing format and structure. Should you be looking to expand your range of Video Poker games you play online then do checkout just which types of Jacks or Better games are now available online.

As far as high paying games, you will be very hard pressed to find any casino games available online which come with payout percentages as high as those found attached to Microgaming’s range of Video Poker games, and as such they are certainly the one category of casino game any savvy player should be looking to play online!

Scratchcard Game Variants

The most commonly found scratchcards available to play at Microgaming casino sites are those which offer a 9 panel grid type formation, and the aim of these types of variety games is that you simply have to scratch off these panels in the hope that you reveal three matching symbols.

Each of Microgaming’s Scratchcard Game Variants which offer such a playing structure come not only with different themes and payouts, and whilst sharing the same structure they can often be quite fun games to play when you fancy a change of pace.

We have compiled a listing of the different types of 9 panel Scratchcard games that can be instantly accessed when playing at Microgaming powered casino sites, and will let you know the prizes on offer on each of them and will also reveal the payout percentages that each Scratchcard game has been set to pay back to players over the long term of each respective scratchcard game, which should help you make an informed decision on just which one you should play!